We build your IoT business

Ideas, know-how, products and services for your new smart project!

What is Microbees

MicroBees is the most complete Smart Home, Industrial and Smart City IoT platform

We provide you the building blocks to simplify and boost your next IoT project


AI, automation engine and ready to use algorithms to easily manage your devices.


A reliable platform to store and analyze your sensors feeds, ready available for Big Data.


State of the art end-to-end security for your sensors and actuators communication.


Simplify design and remote management of your devices, supported by our certified components.

A world of smart services ready to use!

We work with big and small partners, making our research findings available to all our partners. Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT and more are already integrated and readily available to you

Solutions for every need and professional skill

We have ideas, know-how, products and a wealth of experience gained in successful projects that we can make available to your company

Business process re-engineering and Industry 4.0

New products or upgrades

Solutions for Developers, Integrators and Hardware manufacturers

Use cases

IoT generates savings, efficiency and effectiveness, improving comfort!

Industry 4.0

Smart solutions that optimize business processes and energy usage, improve performance, increase comfort and safety

Home automation

Multi-user entrance gates automation with the possibility of secure sharing of access permissions via mobile APP, Smart HVAC system management, remote consumption data metering…
Are only few examples of how much you can innovate in domestic and business sites.


Microbees offers the right solution to build innovative vehicles add-on services such as:

  • Intelligent anti-theft systems with cloning prevention for contactless keys
  • Smartphone as vehicle entry key
  • Vehicle connection to tele-service and geo-localization service centers

Smart energy

Smart energy metering and management
Provides the key performance indicators and analyzes needed to strategically balance emissions, efficiency, reliability and costs

Clients and Partners

We support and assist a relevant number of partners to build their solutions, improve their products and expand their services through IoT

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