Smart Home

An integrated hardware/software solution ready to use.

Easy-to-install devices, mobile APP and an online services platform to intelligently manage traditional home and office electrical devices.

Main advantages

Our platform is easy to install, does not imply any change to the system or to existing electrical devices, offers the following key advantages:

Consumption control

Find out when and where your electricity is used with a cloud energy intelligence system!

  • Realtime measurement of all electrical systems consumption parameters
  • Cloud storage
  • Business Intelligence applied to energy data
  • Smart logic execution based on consumption data (alerting and proactive systems)

Ready to use products

A wide range of high reliability and certified products designed for small or large projects

  • Smart Light Management
    • Remote and centralized smart light management
    • Intelligent light Dimmering
    • Remote fault diagnosis and prevention
  • Smart Building automation
    • Remote control of any electrical / electronic device

Create automations by yourself

Combine information available on the network (your position, the status of your social pages, weather conditions) to create truly intelligent automation services!

Google Home, Alexa

Use smart home products with the AI platforms such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa

Discover the other areas of development

There are many and heterogeneous sectors in which the adoption of IoT systems generates efficiency, economic savings and improvement in working or living comfort.

Industry 4.0

Automotive & Sharing

Smart Energy

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