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Dec 1, 2018Platform

At the heart of MicroBees Platform there’s the Cloud, a secure and scalable platform specifically designed for the Internet Of Things. Is in the Cloud that data sent by sensors are filtered and stored and used to build smart automation logics.

ased on a Message-driven architecture, the entire platform is reliable and scalable to manage millions od remote endpoints.

Several integration channels are exposed and a series of SDKs in various programming languages a free to download to third-party in order to reduce costs and time to market.

Here the main platform componentes:

Smart Logic Engine

Smart Logic Engine (SLE) is an innovative engine based on a scripting framework that let the simple creation of automation logics by using the web.

Message Broker

At the center of all communications there’s the Message Broker (MB). It manages communications between third-party and hardware devices.

By using an asynchronous processing pattern (based on publish/subscribe mechanism, queues and smart routing), MB let the entire platform be scalable in real-time.

Multiple protocols are supported such as: AMQP, MQTT and HTTP JSON-RPC.

API Controller

The platform exposes a complete set of REST APIs for interaction with third-party software. Security is managed by the API Controller using the OAUTH2 standard.

Sensors Data Stream Controller

Sensor Data stream Controller (SDC) is the component responsible of the sensors data management.

SDC manages the real-time data filtering, normalization and storage.

By using big data ready services like Google BigQuery, SDC enables intelligent data analysis and strategic reports creation.

Integration Layer

Thanks to the Integration Layer everything can be a sensor or an actuator!

Switching an outlet, sending a push message o adding a new record on an online spreadsheet are all actions managed by the same driver.

In the same way a temperature sensor data, a facebook page update, a new meter condition information or the arrival of a new email are all managed by the same subsystem.

Hundred of channel ready to use in you smart automation logic!

Device Controller

Device Controller is responsible of all connected hardware devices. It gives all informations regarding connection status and enables push messages sending to the mobile APPs by using a simple SDK.



Microbees is ready to handle millions of data feeds from connected sensors! A reliable and highly scalable architecture allows real-time storage management and data normalization. Through the use of BIG Data services such as Google BigQuery, we allow the creation of...



In MicroBees we worked on designing the entire platform, always keeping in mind that security is not a marginal aspect. This is why we put security at the center of the project. All communications at all levels are managed by adopting appropriate security standards....



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