WidgetsThe WIDGET is the new MYBEES feature App! It’s a very convenient and intuitive panel that allows you to control switches with a simple click. You can access via a

MyBees appThe MYBEES app is your gateway to all microBees services. Use it to configure and drive your hardware and software wherever you are using the connectivity of your smartphone, set

Hardware configurationgateBee is the central part of your automated system and manages all of the microBees devices inside your home or work environment (WireBee and SenseBee). It allows intelligent building services

MyBees and profile associationWhen GateBEE is installed and configured in your home or office, it is automatically recognised by the system and preconfigured by MicroBEEs. However before you can use the features you

Yes sure. MicroBEEs, lends itself very well to both inclusion into existing electrical systems and into the construction of new buildings. It also gives architects great scope for making buildings more comfortable and intelligent.

Hello, in order to answer your question we must clarify something first. The issue is not the square meters, because the system works via connected objects. I will give you an example. It considers that with a kit consisting of GateBEE 1, 1 and 1 WireBEE SenseBEE, you can achieve the following solution: • boiler and radiator control as you would have with the most advanced programmable thermostats without the need to switch cables • turn on the heaters with your smartphone wherever you are • instruct the system to turn them on automatically when you stand at a distance from home which is configurable • set comfort temperature The SenseBEE also is equipped with 4 switches. So if you have the first dedicated to the boiler control, you have another 3 available to control the gate, and two electric locks. This way your smartphone becomes a remote control to handle just the most important things for an apartment such as heating and control inputs. With the WireBEE you can also manage connect one household appliance (eg. A boiler) to a lighting circuit (eg. Garden lights).

If you need to control each object in a timely manner the answer is yes. Consider however, that only one wireBee needs to be used to drive a power strip (ie. The angle TV where there are multiple devices ) or be easily inserted into your electrical system upstream of a power line (ie. All the garden lights). Therefore the number of devices needed is less.

Any electrical appliance such as a lamp, will need an electrical circuit which does not exceed the 2.2kW absorption limit.

The WireBEE is generally connected to the plugs of appliances and portions of the electrical circuit. I can also be attached to objects that absorb power. The WireBEE is able to act as a switch and can measure the power consumption of the object in real time. The SenseBEE is equipped with 4 switches that serve as a control switches for objects that absorb very little current such as electric locks or which have an electronic control card such as the boiler radiator. Additionally, the SenseBEE is equipped with an ambient temperature sensor.

The WireBEE in and of itself cannot perform miracles :-). It does not make you save energy for the simple fact that you connected it to your system but rather because it is connected to an intelligence (the cloud of MicroBEEs) through which you can create rules that can help you save energy. For example: • Power / disconnection of WireBEE (and therefore the object that you’ve linked to it) at fixed times • Automatic disconnection (or warnings) for devices that have passed the threshold of absorption that you have set • Automatic shutdown of WireBEE when you’re not at home thus meaning that you can avoid appliances being heft on through remote monitoring via the myBEEs app • The simple monitoring of consumption makes you understand where and how you use energy so you can take action. The adoption of this system may generate savings in consumption but it depends on your personal attitude towards it and how effectively you monitor it. The savings happen when we use objects in an intelligent way.