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Want to create your own microBees world?

It’s easy to set up

Our simple microBees system has been designed for easy self installation so no need to worry about complicated set ups!


Schneider Electric partnership

From the beginning we designed microBees products to integrate with third party systems as seamlessly and effectively as possible, allowing the them to meet the complex needs of individual customers. Its because of this that microBees has been selected as the technology partner for high profile energy management company, Schneider Electric. Click to find out more


Add intelligence to your electrical panel!

Thanks to CentiBEE switches and inputs wired into your electrical panel can be immediately managed by the MyBees APP and the MicroBees intelligent automations.

What the press say…

MicroBees: An app that helps you save money on your energy bills

MicroBees: The low cost home automation system!

Energy: Save energy with the microBees app

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