microBees solutionsThe Internet (or Web) of Things is the next great frontier in the development of the Internet and is predicted to have a huge effect on all our lives. Through the use of intelligent identification and network connection, everyday objects such as bicycles, bottles and refrigerators can connect to the internet and allow people and businesses to interact with them in a host of exciting new ways.

Meet our teamOur expert team of entrepreneurs, marketers and engineers are at the forefront of this technology and are united in their vision for creating a simple system that allows consumers to take full advantage of the Internet of Things in their own homes.

The implications of this are unimaginable!Objects will be able to talk to each other and become 'context-aware', receiving and sending information to one another and to you.

Microbees productsThe microBees suite of products has been created to give users the ability to design their own automated home systems to improve their every day lives. Explore our products and configured bundles to find out how microBees can make your world flow.