The WIDGET is the new MYBEES feature App! It’s a very convenient and intuitive panel that allows you to control switches with a simple click.

You can access via a handy button directly on the Home page the App.

This is the WIDGET!

How to configure WIDGET

The WIDGET is initially empty. Add all the switches you want from among those offered by your bees clicking the ‘+’ in the status bar at the top.

The system will present a list of all switches discovered …

A grey or coloured icon will allow you to see if the switch has been already associated with the widget.

By clicking on a row in the list, you will be taken to a setup screen where you can set:

– Mode of operation for the switch
– A name
– A label for the voice command
– Display within the widget

You can configure each switch so as to function as an ON/OFF switch. The ON?OFF mode is to be set if you wish to control lamps, appliances, boilers and electric appliances in general. The mode in ‘Time’ however, is to be set to drive devices that require commands impulsivly. A typical case is electric locks or relays that need an electrical control at a given time.

How to use the Widget

Clicking on a row of Widgets allows a command to be executed. MyBEEs allows you to be sure that the command has been executed through clear indications of what is happening. In case of a fault (eg. a poor connection) MyBees will alert you of the issue so that you can run it again in complete safety.

The icon next to the name of the switch has the dual function to report the mode of operation and its state (Gray -> off, Green -> lit).

The switches marked with this icon are those configured in ON / OFF mode (typically lights, boiler, electrical appliances, electric motors, etc …)

The switches marked with this icon are those configured in timed mode (typically electric locks).

And it’s even possible to control the switches by voice. For example, saying the phrase ‘LIGHT’ followed by ‘TAG’ in a voice configured for the switch will prompt the system to set the switch to the ON value or send a pulse of time set in the case of time switch.