Tip – The internet of things and a more

At 7:00am my alarm sounds. Although it’s still dark when I get out of bed, the house lights are already on. Taking my smartphone, I read a text message I’ve received telling me the weather is clear. I prepare the coffee and know already that the shower will be hot because the boiler went into operation automatically. I leave the house on standby and any lights I left on are automatically switched off. I get in my car and shake my smartphone to open the gate. My day starts.

This is not science fiction but a scenario made possible by the Internet of Things. Everyday objects will be put into communication with each other to create small and large automated systems via smart devices (phones, tablets, PCs) and a web connections. It is a revolution that will enter homes and cover many areas where smart technologies are already carving out a role- industrial production, traffic management, monitoring of the city, safety, health, etc. This is where MicroBees comes in. Our integrated software and hardware solution connects electronic devices with the information on the network and allows you to have the automated world at your fingertips thanks to our App available on iOS and Android platforms.