Tip – My holiday home in the mountains and the heating problem solved by microBees

A holiday home in the mountains is a great investment in quality of life – it offers a chance for the lucky owners to enjoy beautiful mountain scenery, fresh air and fun practicing the many winter sports on offer.

As with all properties however, there is need for a level of management and maintenance to avoid issues arising that may interfere with your holiday plans.

Here’s how some microBees customers have used the system to effectively manage their holiday home during their absence:

Through the use of SenseBEE connected to the boiler, they were able to:

• operate the heating from their smartphones wherever they were meaning that when they arrive at the property it’s already warm

• use the MicroBEEs cloud to set up intelligent rules that control the efficiency of the heating in their absence throughout the year

It is even possible to use a range of information from sensors in the house (in this case the internal temperature monitors) and weather forecast information from the internet to enhance the system further.

Using the MyBEEs app to create simple, intelligent rules, the temperature of the house could be controlled automatically depending on the weather outside e.g. when temperature reached particularly low levels that that could cause the water in the piping to freeze, the heating could automatically switch on.

This solves the very real problem of water freezing in pipes which can cause irreparable damage to plumbing systems and can even result in flooding.

The ability to remotely operate the system with a SenseBEE therefore allows the owners to not only operate the heating when they are about to arrive, but make sure the pipes do not freeze in their absence, giving peace of mind.