Tip – microBees – How an idea is born

It all started with a light bulb and data analysis. We spend a large part of our working days on Google Analytics, Facebook statistics, keywords etc. We thought it would be nice to use the intensity of a light bulb to monitor these analytics systems. A dim light would mean being left in the dark and poor results, but a maximum intensity light would indicate successful results. In those days we were very conscious of the potential of The Internet of Things (IoT) and how, in a not too distant future, all of our everyday items would become “aware” of the digital environment and start playing an active role in our decisions.

It was enough to turn thought into action. We dusted off our old relay card in the office to control the web and connected it to a desk lamp. We threw down four lines of code and after a couple of hours it was ready. The first lamp lit every time there was a like on our ‘Facebook page’. Since then, we have spent a lot of time thinking about what else in our daily lives might be useful to link with digital events. A boiler that realizes you’ve returned home and asks if you want to turn the heating on, to which to you can reply with a text message? Or, a gate you can open with your smartphone? Applying a good algorithm of business sense to understand where the energy of your home or office is used can make your power sockets smarter. Simply put, it’ll make life easier as well as save you time and money. From that light bulb and the passion of a hardworking group of pioneers, MicroBEEs was born.