Tip – Make your old gas boiler smart!

All boilers (even old ones) are equipped with a switch that makes it possible to control the ignition of the heating system. This part of the boiler typically has added thermostat for control based on hourly rules, ambient temperature or the start and the stop of the heating. The SenseBEE is designed to replace your programmable thermostat or, if you do not have one, to install a new one immediately without the need to run cables!

By connecting a SenseBee to MyBEEs you can use the app to control your heating utilising all the features of an advanced programmable thermostat such as:
• Room temperature
• Economy settings (at most times of the day)

The easy to use MyBEEs app allows anyone to configure the settings to their preference without having to retrieve old manuals or go to the hassle of hiring a professional.

And that’s not all! Using the advanced capabilities of cloud MicroBEEs you can make your old boiler really smart and able to make independent decisions like:
• Switching on the system only in your presence (or when you are at a certain distance from home) bypassing the slot setting to maximize energy savings.
• Respond to your commands, sent by the MyBEEs app, wherever you are.
• Warn you with an instant message about power issues and allow you, with just a click, to delay the standard ignition time.

Microbees goes beyond traditional programmable thermostats, simplifying your life and saving you energy.