Tip – Connect a traditional lighting system to the internet of things

At microBees we believe that you can receive considerable benefits by taking advantage of the huge amount of data available on the net and making use of it with our technology.

In this post we want to describe a series of automated systems that one customer has made with microBees for the intelligent management of a lighting system existing of an industrial stable.

The need was to manage ignition and lighting systems automatically in order to minimise power consumption, all without modification to the existing wiring.

In this instance, the lighting system was made up of 3 independent circuits and also included an external lighting circuit.

They installed 3 WireBees downstream of the control of the 3 circuits supplying interior lights and 1 WireBee downstream of the control of the external lights.

All 4 components were installed in close proximity to the electrical control panel.

As there was a point of connection to the LAN in the immediate vicinity of the electrical panel, the GateBee was installed in one of the rooms adjacent (about 10 meters away) and connected to a network switch and the Internet connectivity of the building.

GateBee and WireBee were immediately in coverage even in the presence of obstacles such as partitions etc, and therefore no adjustment work was needed (holes and passage of cables etc …).

Installation Complete!

Next, they registered an account on the microbes cloud and performed the registration procedure. GateBee now had access to the control panel of the 4th Relay WireBee on board.

Then, using the Bee software platform they a series of automated commands. Here are a few they used:

DateTime – Using this you can create an unlimited number of timers … In this case they created a timer 7:00 am to 7:00pm. This Bee was configured to control the second WireBee connected to lighting circuits inside. The two lighting circuits are automatically switched on and off from the MicroBees platform, avoiding leaving them switched on in times when no one is working.

BeeWeather – following the localisation of GateBee, (performed as part of his registration) the system has automatically created a weather option. BeeWeather allows access to all weather and information for a given location via the internet (e.g. Yahoo! weather).

With this information it is possible to control the lighting circuit outside the building at sunrise and sunset with WireBee.

The MicroBees app allows access (on explicit permission) to the geographical location of the smartphone associated. Using this information, together with the creation of a representative SmartPin and the GPS location of the building (which is also carried out simultaneously with the registration of SmartGate) it is was possible to create an additional automatic way to control WireBee which is connected to the third circuit of interior lighting.

In this way the lights are only switched on when the users reach the building and then can be switched off again automatically when they leave.

Another feature that is now available is the monitoring of consumption of the lighting circuits through the use of a real-time panel of microbes, it can also display historical data.

In summary:

  • Installation is simple, fast and above all non-invasive
  • You can achieve great savings thanks to the use of cloud automation
  • You can save on electricity by minimising the time that lights are on for