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Install wireBee as an eletrical wire extension. Constantly measures the power consumption and switch it with your smartphone wherever you are.

wireBee can communicate with your App and the microBees cloud simply by using your gateBee. Easy to connect and configure, it allows you to controls your appliances from local or remote locations and extends the signal coverage of other beesSmart products. (Please note: It only works if there is a gateBee configured which can communicate with beesSmart cloud services).

  • easy to connect and configure
  • controls your appliances from local or remote
  • extends the signal coverage of other products
  • only works with a¬†GateBEE


Additional information


0.5 kg


12 x 12 x 4 cm


220/110V 50/60Hz. Equipped with onBoard transformation circuit, no need of external power.

Max Load


Hive Connection

WireBEE talks with the HIVE (the cloud) through a radio connection with a GateBEE (mandatory).
It uses a sub-GigaHz radio channel (@434MHz) with our proprietary radio protocol.


measures Real and Apparent power, power factor, voltage and current.
Equipped with onBoard 10A power relay switch.


CE and FCC certificated