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Replace your old timer-thermostat and manage your heating system in an intelligent way. Use the four switches to automate your electric locks or motorized shutters.

senseBee connects directly to your home appliance, allowing it to become part of the microBees ecosystem. Attach to your thermostat and manage your heating system in an intelligent way or connect it to your electric lock system to automatically open doors… There are countless possibilities!

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230/110V AC, 50/60Hz

Hive connection

SenseBEE talks with the HIVE (the cloud) through a radio connection with a GateBEE (mandatory).
It uses a sub-GigaHz radio channel (@434MHz) with our proprietary radio protocol.


Controls up to 4 power switches (max 10A). Measures environment temperature.
Equipped with 4 input switches.


CE and FCC certificated