£170.00 excluding VAT

gateBee is the central component of your microBees system. It communicates with our servers to create your own intelligent home system using your internet connectivity and managing your senseBee/wireBee wirelessly.

gateBee uses your existing internet connection to manage all microBees radio communications and enables access to the microBees cloud service. It communicates wirelessly with other microBees components (wireBee and senseBee) to allow you to create your own automated home system. And if you run into problems? No need to call technicians or engineers- your automated server enables local or remote management as well as enabling access to the beesSmart cloud service using your internet connection. It can manage up to 127 smartBees and enables secure communication.

GateBEE is the coordinator of the network; it’s responsible of the following tasks:

  • choosing the suitable radio channel and security settings
  • coordinating all the radio messaging between the BEEs avoiding collisions
  • bridging the BEEs network to the Hive (the cloud) in a bidirectional way.

Additional information


220/110V 50/60Hz – external power adapter provided


CE and FCC certified


Powered by RaspBerry PI


Equipped with 434MHz radio board. Connects to your router via LAN cable