Your home or office in your hands! Manage your appliances directly from your smartphone without changing any of your electrical wiring.

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The 5* rated myBees app puts you in full control...

Letting you regulate your energy consumption from the palm of your hand...

And monitor your home appliaces no matter where you are

Choose from many smartBees (software Bees) that each have their own function, such as watching your calendar, the weather forecast or your email

Set intelligent rules, like switching the heating on depending on when you or your family will be home.

More about myBees

microBees is an integrated, ready to use hardware and software solution that allows you to control your home appliances directly from your smartphone. By using the easy to install myBees App for iOS and Android systems, microBees allows intelligent management of your electrical devices no matter where you are.

So how does it work?
We like to think of microBees like a beehive, made of many cells populated by intelligent bees. These bees are able to collect information on news, weather, e-mail, social networks and more…

Each bee is designed to handle a particular task such as:

  • Data collection from electrical equipment
  • News feeds and weather information
  • Information from e-mail accounts
  • Event information from social networks
  • Analysing geographic location

Using all this information you can create automated systems to help you save energy in your home and simplify everyday tasks that go far beyond the capabilities of traditional home automation systems.

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