Hardware configuration

GateBee is the central part of your automated system and manages all of the microBees devices inside your home or work environment (WireBee and SenseBee). It allows intelligent building services thanks to its native connection to the MicroBees Cloud and by using you internet connection. Administration pages and configuration of a GateBEE is done accessed directly from the general menu by selecting ‘My Gates’.

The main screen shows the list of all currently configured GateBEEs.

To connect to your account just install a new GateBEE and click on the ‘+’ symbol on the bar situated at the top right of the page.

Selecting a GateBEE from the list you can also access the configuration screen of the same.

You can add your own name to identify the GateBEE (eg. Home, office etc), view all information on the device (software version, number of bees associated) and perform administration commands:
Reset – to reset the configuration to the GateBEE factory settings
Update – to update your device software to the latest release available
Search and associate new bees – to configure new bees and prepare them to connect with this GateBEE


The Microbees system has been designed with security in mind. For this reason, the messages that are exchanged between its components are encrypted. To achieve the highest level of safety, devices must run a setup phase (only upon first use) in which information is exchanged for the recognition and encryption. The functionality of “search and association of new bees” allows you to configure new hardware installed.

Please note: Before you start the process you must set the bees to associate in “Programming”. All bees that are not yet configured are positioned automatically in this mode (highlighted by the flashing of all 4 LEDs on the device).

You can set a BEE Programming Mode by pressing and holding the button located under the bee symbol for 10 seconds

The procedure is completely automatic. Simply run the automatic search, wait for the system and configure individual devices. Once all the new bees are configured it is necessary to simply terminate the process and wait for the new Bees to be recognised in the Cloud and visible the app.